I Thought We Could Be Something

I’m finally at the point of my life where I realized that what most of my friends were telling me was true: That I run when the going gets tough. But you know what? When I met you, I was finally ready to give my all. I was ready to stay and fight. I was ready to fall regardless of how scary that can be. You made me see the beauty in dating. That good men still exists after all. That you are so goddamn worth of all the vulnerability. You made me feel like I am the most important person in your life. And I thank you for it.

But then you’re gone. You faded. Without explanations. Without a word. Now you’re making me question if everything was real. How can someone do that to me? How can you easily forget all the good times we had? How can you be this cold?

But I’m done chasing. I know I cannot make anyone like me. It will be ultimately your choice. And I hope you choose me. Please choose me.

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