To Tell or Not to Tell Him: A One-Sided Dilemma


Falling in love is easy. All the feelings associated with it: the excitement, the butterflies in your stomach, the adrenaline rush, the palpitations, all these make you want to fall in love and feel love.  When you’re in love, you feel that you can contend with just anything. Work problems seem to be trivial, money matters don’t seem to bother you much anymore, you hate less all the people you abhor because you’re so happy to even care about them. You’re on cloud nine, plain and simple.

But you will later on want for more. It’s human nature to want her feelings to be reciprocated. Suddenly, it’s not enough that he laughs at your jokes, that he flirts with you, that he treats you to dinner. You want to know if he feels the same way to you. You want to know that he’s not treating other girls the same way he treats you. But the question is, should you tell him about your feelings or do you wait for him to muster the courage (as you keep on telling yourself) to confess his feelings, if any, for you? Would you risk whatever relationship you two have right now because maybe, just maybe, he’s just so shy and coward to tell his feelings to you? But what if he doesn’t feel the same way, do you think he’s mature enough to handle the confession and still treat you the same way?

It’s better to tell him and be damned with the consequences. Yes you might lose a friend and yes it will hurt like hell if he rejects you. But it’s a lot better than living with what ifs. You’ve probably heard about the saying that it’s more likely that you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did. It’s true. Tell him your feelings and whatever happens after that, just charge it to experience. You’ll get over it for sure.

Yes it’s easier said than done. And it’s a lot easier and safer to just wait for things to unfold on their own. But you have to help fate, you have to make some actions. You think you’ll get your job without applying for it? You think you’ll lose weight without exerting an effort? We are so over the era where girls just wait for guys to make the moves. Be assertive but not aggressive.

You can argue that guys like the chase. Appearing so easy won’t get their attention and would make them lose their interest. That’s probably true but remember, those arguments are only valid if the guys is pursuing you. If he’s not doing anything extra special to make you feel you’re not just any girl to him, then don’t fool yourself into believing that maybe someday he’ll come around. Sometimes, guys need a little push, a little nudge, for them to realize what they might be missing on. Be the It girl.

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